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Skin exfoliation the right way

by AQMA PRO | | | 0 Comments

Exfoliation is the process of removing the top layer of dead skin cells and is a pretty useful skin maintenance practice which can help reduce some seemingly impossible skin problems provided you do it right or else you wreck even more havoc to your skin.

Majorly Exfoliation can be performed in two ways: Physical exfoliations & Chemical exfoliation.


Physical Exfoliation:

Physical exfoliation is the most common and cost effective form of exfoliation which tries to remove dead skin cells by scrubbing it off with a brush, towel, microbeads, or any other granular agent.  In other words you are forcefully removing dead skin cells, which can be too harsh on your delicate facial skin and can irritate it or even worse cause micro cuts on your skin. Physical exfoliation is a big NO-NO if you have acne prone skin as they tend to aggravate the acne even more.


The other downside of physical exfoliation is that they are not environment friendly, the microbeads used in scrubs are not biodegradable and end up into our water streams like rivers and oceans once they are drained down our sink. Sewer system or waste water treatment plants are not able to filter these microbeads out due to their small size, eventually causing harm to our aquatic animals as they feed on it consider it food, but are not able to digest it.


There are many initiatives going on asking for a complete ban on these plastic microbeads, but they are still widely used. Some companies have made the switch from using plastic microbeads in their scrubs to other granular objects like sugar, salt, fruit seed powder, etc.  But none of these have a smooth even surface, hence they end up causing micro tears on our skin.


The brushes or towels you use to perform exfoliation is also not safe, they are home to a lot of germs and bacteria if not thoroughly cleaned, causing breakouts and oily skin.


Chemical Exfoliation:

Chemical exfoliation on the other hand uses mild acids like glycolic acid, lactic acid, & salicylic acid, to gently peel away the dead skin cells. In addition to that chemical exfoliants are capable of going deep in your pores for a thorough clean, revealing new glowing skin from beneath while also stimulating skins natural collagen production.


Chemical exfoliation does have a negative connotation to it, people tend to get scared when they hear about chemicals, specially acids. But ask any skincare expert and they will all agree that chemical exfoliation is way better and safer than physical exfoliation.


At Aqma we use naturally derived acids in combination with jojoba beads which are safe for daily use and gently exfoliate your skin without causing any harm. Unlike plastic microbeads, jojoba beads are environment and skin friendly. They are natural made from jojoba oil, bio degradable, and are perfect spherical shaped beads, which are non-abrasive


Chemical exfoliation is not only a safer way to exfoliate but also has long term benefits. They help in maintaining an even skin stone, reducing dark spots/age spots, reduce the appearance of fine lines and stimulates the production of collagen, which can help you look younger for longer.


So ditch the age old physical exfoliation and make the switch to Aqma.

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