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Is Men’s Skincare Different than Women’s?

by AQMA PRO | | | 0 Comments

This has long been a falsehood perpetuated by the leading brands in skincare to make more money. The fact of the matter is that these companies only care about one thing. And that is money. They will use every way possible to squeeze every penny from you. This is also why there are so many categories and sub-categories of products available for purchase in the market. One of the biggest lies perpetuated by the big name brands is the need for separate products for men and women.


Some brands divide their own line-up into men and women while some brands market themselves as “made especially for women” while others call themselves “specially formulated for men”.  This is a complete and utter lie purposely perpetuated so they can trick you to buy different products and even charge you more for the exact same product in different labels.


Does Gender Determines  Skincare?

This myth needs to be nipped in the bud. There are no differences in men’s skincare from women. But –people seem to think that the entire genetic makeup of the skin changes over the two sexes. This is entirely false and is based on a misconception.  The differences in gender should not influence how you take care of your skin. Skincare depends on skin type and not gender.  Ask any skincare expert and they will all tell you the same.


Where does this rumour come from?

Admittedly, men on average have thicker skin than women because of testosterone. But this does not affect skincare at all. Some women have thicker skin than men (we are literally just talking about skin here J ) . So this is not really a consistent rule. However, companies are quick to profit off this misconception. They are essentially running legal scams and tricking the consumers into buying separate products for men and women and charging them extra for the exact same product. If you compare the ingredients on these so called only for men & only for women products, they all have similar ingredients with the only difference being fragrance. The men products are formulated with masculine fragrances and the women’s products are formulated with feminine fragrances.


Now lets admit it, these fragrances are also one of the main reasons we are scared to use the opposite gender products, because we don’t want to smell like them. But scents and fragrances in skincare products are a major skin irritant and one of top 10 allergens in the world.


So, do not be fooled anymore by the industry and trust in brands that do not try to sell you snake oil. At Aqma we don’t trick you to buy separate products nor do we discriminate between genders.  All our products have been designed to be used by everyone and all skin types. We are artificial fragrance free, so now you don’t need to be scared to use your wife’s/husbands or your sisters/brothers skincare products, as long as its Aqma.


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