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Meet Our Ingredients

And find out how each ingredient helps in enhancing your skin

Lavender oil

  • Helps smooth uneven-toned skin, boosting circulation to help tone and firm skin
  • Powerful antioxidant to detoxify, slow aging and fight against harmful effects of pollutants
  • Helps reduce redness and blotchiness to help even out the skin

Aloe Vera Extract

  • Improves the skin's natural firmness and keeps skin hydrated. Moisturizes the skin without giving it a greasy feel
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce skin inflammation. It allows the skin to heal quickly and naturally to help improve skin’s natural elasticity

Organic Green Tea

  • Helps delay signs of skin aging, such as sagging skin, sun damage, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps to neutralize harmful free radicals, which can cause significant damage to the skin and
  • accelerate the aging process

Vitamin C

  • Helps to even out uneven skin tone, shields the skin from the visible impact of pollution.
  • Significantly improves hydration, and keeps the skin looking younger, longer
  • Refreshes and helps firm and renew the skin.

Raspberry Seed Oil

  • Protects naturally from UV-B & UV-C rays
  • Contains ellegic acid which reduce the destruction of collagen
  • Collagen & elastin booster for firmer, younger looking skin
  • Helps in healing eczema and psoriasis.

Cucumber Extract

  • Contains polysaccharides that aid the hydrating of skin, acting as a barrier to attract and keep moisture in.
  • Naturally cooling and astringent, soothes, tightens, and relieves puffy skin. Astringent properties help to balance oily skin and even out skin texture

Olive Oil

  • Hydrating agent with remarkable moisturizing properties
  • Contains vitamin E which improves skins overall health and nourishes the skin from within

Rosemary Leaf Extract

  • Moisturizes skin and supports healthy appearance
  • High antioxidants, Vitamin E and natural fatty acids help restore skin’s strength

Rosehip Oil

  • Helps brightening, improves the appearance of pigmentation and restore skin's tone.
  • The antioxidants found in rosehip oil combat free radicals that cause sun damage

Grape Seed

  • Helps strengthen and improve the overall quality of skin
  • Full of antioxidant properties that are excellent for slowing down the aging process

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

  • Excellent approach to anti-aging skin care.
  • MSM is necessary for collagen production.
  • Help to keep the skin smooth youthful and glowing.

Lactic Acid

  • Skin healing properties
  • Anti septic & Anti astringent
  • One major lemongrass essential oil benefit is its skin healing properties, Lemongrass oil is an effective cleanser for all skin types; its antiseptic and astringent properties make lemongrass oil perfect for getting even and glowing skin.

Safflower Seed Oil

  • Improves overall quality and texture of the skin due to the abundance of linoleic acid
  • Combines with sebum in skin to unclog pores and reduce rashes and blemishes
  • It also promotes elasticity of the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.


  • Building block of collagen protein
  • Stimulates thinner wrinkled skin for growth and repair
  • Improves skin condition and appearance
  • Helps reduce appearance of fine lines


  • Helps diminish the appearance of dark under eye circles
  • Reduces skin redness and exhibit remarkable healing properties.

Lemon Grass

  • Skin healing properties
  • Anti septic & Anti astringent
  • One major lemongrass essential oil benefit is its skin healing properties, Lemongrass oil is an effective cleanser for all skin types; its antiseptic and astringent properties make lemongrass oil perfect for getting even and glowing skin.


  • Natural acids help lighten age spots and brighten skin for a youthful glow
  • Renews skin and helps stimulate natural antiaging mechanism
  • Rich in Vitamin C, a natural age fighter and antioxidant


  • Boosts collagen production in skin
  • Acids present in cranberry act as a chemical exfoliant
  • Helps provide a radiant shine and glow to your skin and lips

Shea Butter

  • Its healing properties and hydrating qualities reduce the appearance of fine lines and age spots
  • Helps protect skin from harsh environments
  • Helps prevent skin from cracking


  • Rich in minerals required for healthy skin functions
  • Protects naturally from UV rays


Blueberries have arguably more antioxidants and are packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Consuming these tiny treats have some amazing benefits for your skin as well; for one thing, eating blueberries on the reg can give you youthful looking skin and brighten up dull or sun-damaged skin.


  • Lifts dull And wrinkled skin and helps retain moisture
  • A great treatment of puffy eyes
  • A great toner, which tightens skin and stimulates blood circulation to the skin surface
  • Balances skins PH level

Tea Tree Oil

  • Reduces oil production and fights off the acne producing bacteria on the skin
  • Promotes dewy and glowing skin, doesn’t cause excessive dryness, peeling of the skin or any

Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10)

  • Penetrates skin easily, and reduces free radical damage.
  • Assist skin cells in building collagen and elastin, hence reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Provides skin with energy for repair and protects skin against photo aging

Horsetail plant Extract

  • Anti-oxidant, helps in anti-aging, and anti-inflammation of acne
  • A soothing agent which helps heal skin rashes and burns

Borage Seed Oil

  • Very rich source of linolenic acid.
  • Contains important vitamins and minerals.
  • Helps in repairing damaged skin with regeneration of new skin cells.

Glycolic Acid

  • Has the smallest molecules in the group to penetrate effectively
  • Super effective for helping reduce fine lines and problem skin
  • Dead skin is sloughed off revealing smoother, brighter, younger-looking skin

Kojic Acid

  • Reduces the excess melanin production.
  • Helps in eliminating sun damage, age spots, dark spots & scars

Organic Jojoba Oil

  • Helps to clear skin
  • Soothes sensitive skin

Salicylic acid

  • Helps clear problem skin and exfoliates effectively
  • Helps reduce inflammation